Abi Jackson Northampton

The Studio

I had been based in the iconic Fishmarket but it got to the point where I needed more space. When I went and saw the space at Burns Street Studio, which at the time was just a huge, empty room, I had a really good feeling about it. I could imagine myself running workshops and happily spending my days designing and making. So, with investment from the Northants Community Foundation, and some help from local pals, we sectioned off the space by building stud walls, added a kitchen (crucial for endless cups of tea) and built the cutting tables.

It’s hard to describe the studio as it looks now, it’s a space you need to see to understand. It’s been described as an explosive tinder box of colour. Your eyes fall on things to touch, feel and pique your curiosity as they travel around the space, finding so much to focus on. Of course, the studio has the industrial machines, materials and worktables that you’d expect to see, but it’s not the clinical, white-walled, Ikea-sponsored space you might find elsewhere. I mean, we have a ‘Nan’s lounge’ which is exactly how you’d imagine it! It’s for knitting, quiet sewing and enjoying cake.

One thing you won’t see in the studio is a clock. I want people who come to my workshops and be immersed in what they’re doing. The time you spend here is precious, it’s a gift from me to you. I want to share my world and for you to be part of it.


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