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I'm an anarchic textile artist, ripping the seams from sweat shop fashion, stitching my own work and showing you how to do it too.

How to describe Abi? Let us Count the Ways

Abigail Jackson was the girl who made shoes from wallpaper sample books, coloured her face in with pink lipstick, stitched gnomes on hankies and whose mum sat her on the draining board, put sellotape across her fringe and cut beneath it.

Abi Jackson was Daventry’s other punk, who shuffled round town in bondage trousers and handmade clothes coloured in with biro pens and held together with hundreds of tiny safety pins. Who made homemade badges from music magazine pages and sticky back plastic.

Abi K Jackson is the woman who sews and makes for a living, breathing, all singing, all dancing proper job. Designing, stitching, creating, teaching, making and sewing. Welcome to her website, where you can explore the studio, book onto a class, shop or merely indulge your curiosity.