Textile Tasters Workshop

First event on Wednesday 24th April 2024

6.00pm - 9.00pm

£65 per person

In these 3 x 3hr sessions students will have the opportunity to design and create their own personalized framed wall hanging.

Session 1 – Wednesday 24th April

Tutor talk about working in the industry as a freelance creative, with examples of work.
A brief creative drawing exercise will lead into exploring free motion embroidery as a form of illustration.
(please note that this is a different process from learning how to sew)
A general group chat about how the medium can be used with examples of work. Students will leave with the intention of thinking about a simple design for the next session.

Session 2 – Wednesday 1st May

Recap of last week and brief talk about planning a layout of our work with consideration to the frame size . Brief talk about colour theory, pattern and scale. A brief practise of the method on different samples to gain confidence. Gradually building up layers of selected fabrics to understand how the method works..
Beginning to finalize our own designs, reigning in any very ambitious ideas!
To select fabrics and sketch out a final design.
Begin stitching our final design.

Session 3 – Wednesday 8th May

Continue work on design. Wrap embroidery hoop (to be used as a frame) and look at ways of presenting work.

Extension tasks- Adding beads or sequins, add extra layer of detail with textile pens, hanging beads from the frame.

Please Note – machines will be set up before the session to ensure that the maximum time can be used teaching free motion embroidery. How to wind a bobbin will be taught but there won’t be time to teach “sewing”.

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