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Peter Brandon Couture

wedding dress images 001

Some time back in the late ’90s i took a job with a company called Peter Brandon Couture.  My job was to sew tiny cover buttons up the back of wedding dresses and sew thousands of hand-dyed pearls or swarovsky crystals onto the bodices of wedding dresses, all by hand. To this day, I thoroughly enjoy this type of meticulous, time consuming hand sewing. I loved this job and working in a small team.  The entire design process took place under one roof and it was a great opportunity to be involved-  from the initial design and sample stage right through to the trade fairs at Harrogate and final sales.

This design started me on the road to working as a freelancer.  It was a dress which appeared to me in a dream (I’m embarrassed to admit!) and it was an International wedding magazine design for a wedding abroad. all of the dresses had names and this was “Honey”, It had just 5 seams and was cut on the bias, with a very deep plunging back.  The front had a sequined and beaded “flash” across the front.  Although I didn’t win the competition, the dress received a hell of a lot of publicity and appeared in about 5 major bridal publications.  For the next season I worked on a hand painted pink and also a pale blue version both of which were again painted and hand beaded.  These were called “Bloomsbury” and again appeared in a few International bridal publications.

Following on from this success I decided to venture forth and become a freelancer working from home.  Therein followed months of  wandering the house aimlessly, dropping biscuit crumbs down my pyjamas…….

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