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Thrilling classes for Spring…..Stir up your brain juices!

December 10, 2014




One way to banish those dreaded encroaching winter evenings (apart from dreaming about jacket potato fillings) is to plan some classes for next year! Whooppeeee. I visited the new My Little Vintage shop in Olney last week which is the location for our new classes which kick of on Jan 17th with a Beginners Class and half the spaces have gone already.



We’re also running a very exciting and immensely creative Print and Stitch Fabric sample Book this is the perfect workshop for someone with loads of ideas on scrappy bits of paper and who collects snippets of fabrics, magazine cuttings and can’t throw anything away (we all know someone like that, or may be that person) So basically you make your own concertinaed book and develop it into your own awesome catalogue of you-ness. We also have  Intermediate sewing Classes for those who can sew already.  This deals with pattern jargon, adjusting patterns and you get to work with an industry block to make a very simple toille (calico shell) to work from. Its a mighty brain bashing of maths and measuring, but nothing a grown up can’t grasp.


cushion for mlv 005


We also have Free Machine Embroidery and Cushion Cover, this workshop is ideal to follow on after learning to sew in a straightline because it’s like drawing with a sewing machine, very satisfying .





Finally, there’s the brilliant Weekender Bag Workshop and again it’s important that you can sew in a straight line.  This is a chance to use up those charity shop tea towels, table cloths, power ranger pillow cases, old curtains anything that’s going to make a truly awesome and original bag.

All of the details of these classes cost, location and more are on my website.

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