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Working behind the scenes….

December 7, 2014


What a slacker, Ive been fannying about on my blog adding dates for new classes and I discovered this post from last year. Hopefully it still makes some kind of sense….

I’ve been busy working on a couple of other projects for the past month or so. As a result my posting and writing has been sporadic. I’ve had some good news that my Constance Howard social history sewing project working title “The Constant Thread” has received the funding, this is a massive relief and very exciting. I’ll be planning this and starting slowly in January.
…..In the meantime I’ve been working behind the scenes in the wardrobe dept at Northampton’s Royal Theatre on a co production of Merlin.


It’s obviously a wedding dress, with about 40m of fabric in the skirt. My fellow machinist Anita made this, I just crawled under the skirts from time to time and did some stitchery here and there….


Heath Legers’ armor from the film First Knight. I bloody love that film anyway, but to get to work on his helmet and breastplate was a middle aged ladies wide-on. There was rather a lot of heavy clunky armor. We had to remove all the buckles had to be removed and replace with Velcro, which was stitched into place ready for quick changes.


Tweedy rabbit hat, for the giant rabbits which guard the magic portal. Twinned with tweedy britches and jackets complete with bobtail and furry cuffs (that’s not a euphemism!)

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