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Time spent doing something I love…

December 7, 2014


When you sell your work to the public like I do, It’s very important to let them see you actually at work doing something connected to your job.


Obviously, I can’t sit behind my industrial sewing machine outside John Lewis, so instead I take little random projects with me like crochet, knitting or in this case some embroidery.


And it was literately a stream of consciousness because I grabbed two threads, a piece of very old fabric and embroidery hoop as I locked the studio door.


I stood and stitched this for hours, only allowing myself more thread when I had run out of the previous lot. I also challenged myself to use colours I wouldn’t ordinarily select and I also tried to use new stitches. When I returned to the studio after the weekend I wrapped the frame in fabric and mounted it on the wall. I love the immediacy of the work, i didn’t allow myself to take any time considering stitches, layout, materials etc. I was so limited and yet am so very pleased with the results. It represents time spent reconnecting with embroidery which I absolutely love, but have so little time to do lately.

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