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Our Printing Class.

October 19, 2014


Yesterday our studios in Burns Street took part in Open Studios here in Nupton. I asked my good friend janine from Mudrabbit to come along for the day  to run a print workshop. Here are some of the pictures from our day.

pics from phone 120

After tea and Mr Kiplings Janine talked us through Thermofax and lino printing as well as speedball and even printing using the humble spud. She brought her own screens and plenty of fabric for us to experiment on.

pics from phone 132

It’s always a little trepidatious at first to try something new and there’s always a worry that you’ll be the one in the room who’s crap! I sew most days, so It was a total freedom to work with new materials. I’ve tried lino cutting before and loved it, but have avoided it because i don’t want to move too far away from my own practice. So on this occasion I was there to make tea and wash up the screens.

pics from phone 127

pics from phone 139

Sally’s beautiful lino cut and arrow head bag.

Janine was so generous with her materials  and we had the chance to print on tote bags and also tea towels.

pics from phone 134

Some of the work laid out ready to be cut up into lavender bags and other Xmas gifts.

We had a great day, learnt a lot and, as is usual with these classes, picked up a lot of hints and tips from other people there. Today when I went back to the studio to wash up I was buzzing with ideas from the class and already planning to lino cut my Christmas cards (I wonder how long that will last?)

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