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Welcome to my new blog…

September 23, 2014


Hello there,

I’ve migrated over and grown up! For years I’ve wrangled with modern gadgetry and wept with frustration when images Ive photographed and downloaded have evaporated in to Desktop land.  I’m still not that good-in fact I’m a block of marble being operated by a German carrier pigeon.  So,I have made some changes one of which is to do all my operations on WordPress which should simplify matters. The website will be swelling with content in the coming weeks, adding more classes and information as we go.  For the meantime  I can see that Images i downloaded  from work or projects I did years ago have settled in one place, like algae- so as a test piece i wanted to post some up here and write a little about each one randomly as they appear.

In no particular order…….


Barrys fabrics.  1 Moseley Street Birmingham What these ladies don’t know about sewing Isn’t worth knowing. Go to Brum on a Tues, Fri or Saturday and visit the Rag Market as well .

wedding dress images 001

Here’s what started it all..

  Years ago i worked for a Couture bridal maker and entered a competition to design a dress to be worn abroad.  Although i didn’t win, the dress featured in about 5 major bridal publications at the time.i also did a handpainted pink version which was beaded.  As a resulting boost in confidence I decided to pack this job in and become self employed.  Where i sat at home all day eating digestives and dropping crumbs down my pyjamas.  (in time things would change)

Stunning studio: Open for workshops.

Opening night at The Stitch and Make Studio…

I openend the studio in Jan 2011 after moving from The Fishmarket. Following a funding grant from Nupton Community foundation which allowed me to get all the electricity and building works sorted.  Now the building is home to about 19 different Artist/makers across 12 studios.


And this is what it looked like before.

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