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Getting Back Into The Swing.

February 23, 2014


I’ve been doing a lot of planning recently as well as writing new workshops. I’ve embraced 21st Century technology and added Paypal buttons to my website which enables people to book on classes straight away. I’m pleased that it’s actually working out well. The classes at My Little Vintage-where I teach only beginners and Intermediate tick along nicely. And Stitch and Bitch started again this week after a long 2 months away. There was a definite frisson of excitement as folks caught up with each, happily everyone returned and we managed to squeeze in a couple of newbies as well.


My good friend Sally, who is a total and utter genius when it comes to dreaming up ideas, creating stuff and connecting people up, helped me design this awesome leaflet/letter to promote my classes and workshops. It has managed to capture the essence of Abigail Jackson in picture form. I’m so fed up with seeing flyers for sewing classes, nail bars and hair dressers which all look the same and litter shop counters. I wanted something which looked so awesome people wanted to carry it around with them and show it around saying “Look at this…Im going to one of these classes”. I (modestly) think we’ve managed to achieve that quite well.

Two of the classes Ive planned are making an A Line Skirt with mushrooms on it. And A child’s dress with a hickory, dickory dock motif and a mouse in the pocket. I thought that rather than photograph the pieces I would do some illustrations. I don’t get to draw as often as I’d like. So found this child’s dress a real pleasure.

Finally, I’m making stock for Landmark Arts which takes place in Teddington across the first weekend in March. I’ve made a decision not to do Selvedge Spring fair this year and to try Landmark Arts instead. I had planned to make some kimono jackets last week but then decided to not buy any new fabrics and to use up trims I brought from raystitch and silks I’d had for years. I made some cushions, which Im happy with but feel I should’ve made something a bit more substantial. Which means Ill just have to make the kimono tops this week instead.


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  1. February 23, 2014

    Oh my goodness, that mouse dress is simply adorable. You are so talented!


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