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Now You Can All Dress Like A Bag lady on Acid.

July 31, 2013


For some time now, probably about two years, I’ve had thoughts about selling my clothes online. I’ve dabbled with an Etsy shop but didn’t feel it was the right format for me. I thought that if I was going to buy clothes online I would need to touch the fabric, feel it’s weight and see the pattern close-up. But that is just the way I feel, I’ve NEVER brought any clothing online other than cheapie stuff from e-bay and that was years ago. What began to change my mind is working at private sales and shows such as Selvedge and Renegade where everyone takes a business card and asks “Do you sell online?” and even if they don’t actually purchase anything on the day you’ll have another opportunity to sell to them later if they go to your online shop. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? I absolutely love supermarket sarah and have watched it grow in popularity. The concept is so simple and the walls give a very quick overview to the designer’s work so you can tell straight away whether or not your going to like something. Eventually I have decided to begin to sell my work online and my good friend Miss Blaise-who is a techie wizardess has been building me a shop using the shopify template. I had no idea how much work would be involved, my brain is really slumbering now, coupled with the fact that I’ve also learnt how to do Instagram and you can find me at stitchandmakestudio. It’s all good stuff for business. Here are a few of the frocks I’ll be posting up in the shop, eventually. Hope you like them.


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  1. September 9, 2013

    Love the green one Abi…x


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