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Legs like an old Italian widow.

January 22, 2011


Thank goodness Im back to work. That holiday seemed so long and although I was looking forward to it, by December 28th I was itching to get out of the house and start sewing again. I have been making an example coat for the workshop but Ive gone and done a wrong thing because its actually got a 28″ chest (would fit a freezing jockey). I’m still going to put it in the window of the local sewing machine shop Sew….Northampton. The workshops are filling up gradually and Im very pleased. We still have spaces on Beginners and Intermediate sewing, felt jewellery and Customising Charity Shop Finds.

Tonight Im supposed to be researching textile designers who use recycled materials in their work but as usual I get thoroughly distracted when Im on the internet and have found some amusing photos.

When my good friend Aasen,who does the most amazing papercuts moved into his new studio we all went to have a look around. We were impressed by such a great space although he doesn’t have a toilet so has to leave his bladder at home. Anyway, i found some legs…….

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