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Dad’s and Lad’s workshop.

April 5, 2010


On April 3rd we ran a Dads and Lads sewing workshop. When I first wrote the programme for the studio my friend Jess suggested a workshop that fathers and sons could do together to get them to spend some precious time with each other. I don’t have any issues with getting children on a sewing machine (supervised of course!) In fact, to a lot of little boys I’ve met, sewing machines are a piece of very exciting machinery.

Everyone made a sock monkey. In some ways this was the ideal project because it had the right combination of hand and machine stitching. There were enough component parts to the project like sewing on eyes from buttons, stuffing body parts, stitching the mouth, to stop boredom setting in.

It was a lovely morning in the studio, whilst Bill Pollard ran the Dads and Lads I was in the knitting lounge doing a little hand sewing corsage project, which was lovely and relaxing, drinking tea and eating biccies. A couple of other folks dropped in to see the space and sign up for Fathers Day workshops. All of the children who came along said that they would be happy to join other workshops and we are planning a great present for dads for Fathers Day. Watch this space….


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  1. April 20, 2010

    you know i'm mad about kids craft workshops x EXCELLENT place Abi! xx


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